Google Magazine Brings The Kiosk of Magazines to United Kingdom

With the change of name from Android Market to Google Play, they hinted more changes: expand the business and take care of the sale and distribution of other types of content, that not only lives the average Android user apps. Little by little were appeared different services.

Among them, Google Magazine. A role in digital format magazines kiosk. Content suitable to consume tablets but that moment has not finished off in Spain. That Yes, the outpost is already on the way: just landed in United Kingdom.

Through Google +, the British subsidiary of the search engine company has announced that Google Magazine is now available on the Islands. No doubt good news since so far the service has had a pretty good host in United States.

With him, they become hundreds of publications as Glamour, Hello!, Men’s Fitness or Total Film. A step forward that we can not still enjoy here but considering that Google has already moved to other services, it is possible to appear soon.

The distribution of digital magazines in Spain, is how the Court

I take the topic to do a small review of the situation in Spain. To date, we have hand kiosk and more, a conglomerate of journals from different publishers. It has application for Android, though it goes far from being an optimal solution.

On the other hand we have Orbyt, making war on its own offering content of its publishing group. Finally, we have independently to many publications looking to make a hole and distribute on their own with more or less success, as the case.

Google Magazine to reach Spain will mean that many publishers will have to negotiate. The truth is that it would be good news, provided prices are understood and are an alternative to paper editions. We will be attentive to the movements of Google.