Google Google Play, All The News about Their New Web Version

Today the website of Google Play has been renovated to show almost the same design that few months ago enjoyed in its application for Android. It is of a redesign that it has not left virtually no one indifferent, and while many like the new version many others do not like.

This new web version of Google Play In addition to brand new design and organization of their sections also find that the web needs more power to operate correctly and that many features available in the previous version have been lost, and many of them were very used by users.

Google Play website redesigns

Who is familiar with the application of Google Play will not have many problems in adapting to their new web version, since practically now use the same interface, something that for many is a mistake, since this very focused for touch screens and not to be used with keyboard and mouse, since the show big icons we see little content on screen.

The website of Google Play features with a new sidebar navigation to access the different contents that sold in the shop (apps, music, books, films, devices, etc…). In each section show us recommendations of content for download and purchase, and now the sections “My applications”, “My music”, “My books”, “My movies” and cia are within their respective categories. In addition, similar to the application already we don’t have to access the content tab to download it, now we can do it by clicking on its price since listing.

New tab

The tab shows the details of the applications is a more radical change has suffered it. Have removed the image of the application header to give more prominence to its icon and have reorganized the way to show the details of the application. They have removed the tabs showing the description, reviews, news and permissions. Now shows all on the same screen with what have to move vertically to find the various sections, except the permission to see them we have to download the application. The new gallery now sample images in format WebP so that they occupy less size and use dates to see more photos will show one by one big.

In addition, to see if an application or game is compatible with your device now have to click on the new field of information that appears below the buttons to install / buy and new button to add to the wish list. If we want to know why an application is no longer supported, we have to give the button to install or purchase the application, where already will tell us if the device is incompatible or if it is because it is not available in our country. There also two say when it was the last time that we use the device.

The opinions of users

The new web version of Google Play leaves no longer filter the views of users per device, recent or utility. Now we can only advance page-by-page to see the opinions in the order that the web shows it to us. Filter the comments was very practical to know that thought the users with the same device to us about an application and view the most recent comments when they threw an update. Also shows us that device and version of the application made the comment.

Your browser

In the search box they have also removed the filters. Already we can not filter applications by free, pay, popular or relevance. It just leaves us to filter by content, i.e. apps, music, movies, books… The search is now limited to show maximum of 48 results.


Wish list comes to the web version of Google Play. Already we can see our wish list and add new content from the web. To delete an item from the list we need to on your tab and uncheck it, it can not be directly from the general list of wishes.

My applications

Finally another feature that has gotten worse is the section of My applications. It now shows all the applications that we have or we have had ordered alphabetically, without to differentiate by device and be able to uninstall applications from the web. Currently not going well this section, many users tells them that he has all these applications installed.


The new design of the website of Google Play not this nothing bad, but personally preferred the earlier version, had many more features and was much more comfortable to view applications information. They have removed options that were very useful and used by many users, such as filters of the comments and see the applications you have installed on each device. I hope that Google will add some of these features to the new version.