Google Celebrates Valentine with This Fun Game Starring a Pangolin

On the occasion of Valentine, Google has launched a new doodle interactive as a minigame starring a pangolin, an animal in danger of extinction, native to Africa and Asia.

Under the name of Pangolin Love We find a fun platform game with four levels that challenge us to collect various objects in order to make a cake, learn a love song, dance and pick up a bouquet of flowers to your partner pangolin which lies at the other end of the planet. Through its four levels we will visit Ghana, India, China and the Philippines.

The gameplay of the game is very simple, just have to tilt the device to move forward or back made of pangolin while with the action button jump, swim or catch us with his tongue to platforms to make turns.

In the middle of each level, there will be a short animated sequence that is telling us this story of love of these two pangolins and will also show useful information about this endangered species, with data on their habitat, feeding, or features.