Google Announces Applications and Winning Games from The Players’ Choice Awards 2013

A week after meeting that they could vote for the best apps and games of this first awards 2013 Players’ Choice Awards We already have the list of the winners for each of their respective categories thanks to the more than one million receipts for the users votes.

Few surprises have been, more than anything else because in the votes you could see who was winning. Without further ADO let’s see that applications and games have been the deserving receive the recognition of the best applications of this year in the Players’ Choice Awards 2013:

  • The most addictive game: Knights & Dragons
  • The best a franchise game: Bejeweled Blitz
  • The best game based on a movie: Hobbit: King. of Middle-earth
  • The best application of daily use: globalization
  • The best application for reservations and purchases: Flixster
  • The best application of Google: YouTube

In the vote on the selection of applications and games of each category users could write the name of other apps and games, and in these Players’ Choice Awards 2013 they have obtained a recognition Ingress and Samurai Siege games and apps Newshog: Google News & Weather & Swiftkey Keyboard. We can consult these winners on page Top Apps and Games of 2013.

Besides these prizes Players’ Choice Awards with the best games 2013 applications also found on Google Play sections The best of 2013, with applications most popular in Spain, the best games, best albums, best films and best books of 2013.