Four Years Since Android 1.0

Four years ago and one day, specifically on September 23, 2008, Google officially launched the Android 1.0 SDK, thus giving beginning to a success story. Still there was no terminal on sale with Android, it would have to wait a month for the HTC G1 (also known as HTC Dream) to reach the market.

Android version 1.0 announcement came almost a year after Google revealed that it was working on a free operating system, under the Open Handset Alliance. Of course it is an undeniable success story, as in just five years since its announcement have some impressive numbers, a market cornered by Androids.

We hope that we can celebrate many more anniversaries and that we see an evolution as spectacular interface as we have lived. If someone compares a screenshot from an Android 1.0 and a 4.1 Android differences are remarkable, the evolution has been spectacular.