Flirting to Hysterical Price War

New subscription rates with 3 will cut prices for customers and put competitors under pressure. A new price war is kicked off.

A new pricing strategy from phone company can push again in a price war on subscriptions, which will be more hysterical a ever before.

The big four telecommunications companies our site have so far only rarely led the way when it comes to price wars. Instead, they sent their discount carriers out in front the front line.

But that may change now that 3 has a proposal that could force competitors to take a stand, in a different way than in the past.

In 3 ‘s new subscription-structure is conversation minutes and SMS-number replaced with free speech and free SMS/MMS on all products. Instead, the focus is on the amount of data, which is the customers continue to choose subscription from.

Very cheap

A pack of 5 GB data traffic costing 179 kronor per month, while 10 GB is for 199 dollars.

By comparison, cost an equivalent products with our site199 and 299 dollars per month. Our site want to 280 dollars for 10 GB package, while TDC demands SEK 349.

Common to all products with our site are that there are limitations on speaking time. At Telenor customers must even give 50 pounds more per month, in order to get free SMS/MMS with.

3 ‘s most expensive package costs 299 dollars per month. In addition to free speech and free SMS/MMS throws 100 GB data traffic also phone company with. For the same amount you get at Telmore 20 hours speech, free SMS/MMS and 10 GB of data traffic.

The new subscriptions shall enter into force on 27 November. February 2013.