Estimations Fast from The Suggestions of Google Play Increases The Negative Votes

Last December Google Play He added in version 4.5 and its web version “rapid assessments” card to receive more tips on new content, but this new feature seems to you have had an unexpected negative effect.

Under the question, “Would you like to see quick tips?” recommended rating content that we have downloaded for similar recommendations. Ask us for putting a score from 1 to 5 stars, but This score is to assess the application, It is not to assess whether we receive recommendations. Apparently many users only see the first question and not wanting guidance to vote with a star application, game, book, music or movie.

Since Google Play implemented this question for recommendations several developers have noticed as the negative votes have increased considerably, they see votes of a star without commentaries, which cast the blame on the new quick tips card ratings system. Is from 10 December in which the developers have noticed every day the media of their applications was down by the increase in negative votes.

With the new card quick estimations also you can vote by mistake while we slip through the contents of Google Play list, since we can give it by mistake by clicking on any of their five-star.

The developers have asked to Google that modify behavior new quick tips card. Its proposals are to that card just ask if we want to receive suggestions or not on that application, or if you want to vote on it and enter a new screen to vote and a comment on the application, to make it more clear that you are valuing the application and no suggestions.