Eric Schmidt Confirms That Every Day Are Activated Approximately 1.5 Million Devices Android

Eric Schmidt It has given earlier in the stage of Dive Into Mobile 2013 new figures on the health of Android. The first data that has given, and most interesting, is that currently already is some 1.5 million Android devices every day are activated. The last figure we had was 1.3 million devices each day.

All this is thanks to longer 320 operators of 160 countries that sell Android devices. Schmidt also confirms something that we already know all that Samsung is the partner who is placing more Android devices on the market, but added that the relationship between the two companies is very healthy and that Samsung helped define Android.

Eric Schmidt also took the opportunity to say that Google Play already has over 700,000 applications and to say that probably in a couple of years Android devices will be somewhat cheaper than the current.

Last month Larry Page confirmed that more than 750 million Android enabled devices around the world, there are so at this rate be overcome the first 1,000 million devices in less than six months.