Engadget Mobile 2.0: a Step Beyond

What may be common of Engadget already know one of the features we recently. They are the gadgets pages, that you gather information on the various devices that we talk about on the blog. This functionality is now also to Engadget Mobile, with the appropriate adaptations to our own style.

And it is that here no we only speak of terminals, but also applications, services, software,… and we want that all this is reflected in these pages which, moreover, will serve meeting place for the community of Engadget Mobile. There can add note to a terminal, an application,… read all related information, mark it as desired or even if have the product, store it in our user page.

Although the number of available pages will grow over time, we have a lot of examples, such as the soon anticipated Palm Pre, the recently presented Nokia N97 mini, rates as the Movistar contract or software as the Spotify

Information about the various products

On each product page you will find complete information of everything posted on Engadget Mobile on it, with photos and videos both Engadget Mobile and sites such as Flickr or Youtube.

On this page you can find all entries and related articles, but not only of Engadget Mobile, but of other Internet sites.

But there is much more information on each product page. We have for example a section with related products that will help us to compare and see what alternatives we have, and we can see the note that editors or you have given to each one of them.

Community and interaction

In addition to information on each product page is a meeting point for the community in which we can show other users what products we want or what we already have in our hands.

We will see all these data also in the improved user page. In addition saved entries and conversations in which you are immersed, must now a reference of the products that we have and that we want to.

We have the option to rate each product, see the product average score given by other users and interact with the rest of visitors through comments and your own analysis of the product. And by so-called read and discuss questions, tips and all kinds of information which the Community shall provide to each product page.

We hope you enjoy both this new functionality as we. We have worked hard to be ready, but as always, if you find a mistake or error, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.