Digital Signal Processors in Surveillance Cameras

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Specification requirements. Interview: Managing Director Rainer Bernhardt Increasingly powerful digital signal processors (DSP) offer a variety of functions and open up new fields of application. Spoke with CEO Rainer Bernhardt reports on current trends and what to look for when choosing. VIEW: Mr. Bernhardt, DSPs offer more and more features that promise optimal picture quality and a variety of additional options. But what features it really comes down to? Rainer Bernhardt: Good resolution, high sensitivity and regulations such as Automatic Gain Control, aperture or shutter are now one of the basic functions, without the default camera can not survive today. For other features and functions, it depends on what the camera is used ultimately. Should they run 24-hours outdoors, so even at night, then, for example, is important a controllable IR cut filter for the quality of the images. If the camera is installed indoors with many windows, then BLC and good dynamic properties are required. VIEW: That sounds like a checklist that you should create cameras before purchasing. Rainer Bernhardt: At least you should give prior thought to select the most suitable product for their application. See, there are now a variety of possible functions. The more unique the Space and environment situation is defined in advance, the more precise the requirements are formulated on desired functionality, the more precisely you can define the product and limit the selection. According to this requirement, have aligned the way the search function of the site. VIEW: keyword analysis function – followed by measures the quality of intelligent video analysis? Rainer Bernhardt: On the reliability and evaluation reliability in different viewing situations. For example, the frequency of false alarms. Incidentally, this is an important point, because a high rate of false alarms caused possibly significant costs. VIEW: How are false positives – or more importantly: How do you avoid them? Rainer Bernhardt: The number of false alarms is determined among other things by the ambient conditions. This refers to, for example, changing light conditions or sudden movements: If the camera the interplay of sun and clouds, so the transition from light to dark, true as an alarm? Or the leaves of a tree in the wind?

These environmental conditions are, if possible, eliminated by a parameterization of the analysis algorithms. Here the use of conditions and performance limits must be taken in advance under the microscope. VIEW: Everything rises and falls with the matching algorithm? Rainer Bernhardt: Of course, the performance depends not only on the analysis algorithm, but also by the camera itself and the lens. Not least, the camera positioning is crucial for the detection rate and the false alarm rate. VIEW: Today, numerous manufacturers offer to extend the functionality of their network cameras according to individual needs. What role do you think plugins? Rainer Bernhardt: With a plugin a customer buys the functionality that he needs for a defined task, separately added. Again, there are different requirements. And it must be examined on the basis of expert advice in any case, whether the protection provided by the plug-in power covers the desired requirements. The technical consultants to support you in answering these questions. View: Can it be that the need for advice before buying rises? Rainer Bernhardt: Yes. The technology is becoming more complex and the areas of application are as varied as the opportunities. There are always new and more powerful DSPs on the market. What makes today a plugin may tomorrow be a component of a chipset. One of the driving forces behind the progressive development is the expanded field of use of video surveillance systems: cameras are used for example in department stores not only to monitor, but also to analyze the purchasing behavior. But the security issue is becoming increasingly important. There are analysis tools that identify blocked security areas such as emergency exits and alert accordingly. And in fighting crime and terrorism, constantly have growing requirements. One reason for the increasing demand is also falling prices: you get more and more equipment for the same money. View: And where does the DSP development in technical terms? Rainer Bernhardt: As the trend is for me in the direction of higher resolutions, so HD and 16: 9 formats. In combination with the Multi-streaming method can observe several objects at a single IP camera already, by extracting about different streams from an image different segments and provides. I think there is still much potential for development. VIEW: Mr. Bernhardt, thank you for the interview.