Dell Venue 8 Pro Tablet Review

Test and review of the Dell coming 8 Pro 5855 Tablet: a format alluring to the nomads on Windows 10

Dell Venue 8 Pro Tablet

Here is the new Dell coming 8 Pro (model 5855), a touchscreen tablet running Windows 10 and offering a 8 inches diagonal. This Dell coming 8 Pro is available for purchase for a few weeks now, note that a first version of the Dell coming 8 Pro had been presented two years ago now, we had tested this last who already had us strong impression. The main change comes from changing the processor and a screen which was also modified.

During our test, we used this tablet at home, but also when traveling outside. Size 8 inches was particularly valuable in mobile mode, the small size and the good autonomy were the highlights. Let’s start this test of the Dell coming 8 Pro!

Unpacking and technical specifications Dell coming 8 Pro 5855

Pretty basic package includes:

  • The Tablet Dell coming 8 Pro
  • A charging cable Micro USB type C
  • A power adapter / USB
  • The international literature
  • Quick start guide

We would have appreciated the presence of ear headphones or a small cloth for cleaning easily dirty screen of this Dell coming 8 Pro.

The technical specifications of the Dell coming 8 Pro 5855 are very correct, you’ll find:

  • Screen 8 inch HD
  • Resolution 1280 x 800 pixels
  • Intel Atom x 5 Z8500 clocked at 2.24 Ghz processor
  • 4 GB of Ram
  • Windows 10
  • 32 GB of storage internal
  • Intel HD Graphics GPU
  • Connectivity USB type C, slot micro SD up to 128 GB, GPS
  • WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, 4 G/LTE (optionally) networks
  • Front 2 megapixel camera, rear 5 megapixel
  • Size 130 x 216 x 94.5 cm
  • Weight 371 grams

As I mentioned above, the new version of the Dell coming 8 Pro 5855 offers a new more powerful processor and a Ram that goes from 2 to 4 GB, the rest is identical to the previous version. The technical specifications for these wholesale cheap tablets are interesting, especially the presence of a USB type C to load its tablet, or even the micro SD slot up to 128 GB.

We’re however quite critical on the slot to access the SD card and the SIM is very badly designed, if you don’t have a sufficiently long nail, you could quickly lose patience.

The addition of 4 G/LTE connectivity will cost around 100 euros and more, this little seem expensive but the use of 4G on the road on this type of Tablet is a real plus.

Multimedia Tablet Dell coming 8 Pro 5855

The audio portion starts at 1 m 15: Sound is satisfactory overall, the return of acute / midrange / bass is very correct. However, the main criticism that we will issue comes from the weakness in overall volume. In fact, even pushing up the volume is a little below our expectations.

The video portion starts at 3 m 00: Nothing to report, the reading is very comfortable and native video player Windows 10 manages perfectly subtitles or audio tracks multiple on a video. We blame just a slab of screen reflecting the environment a lot. In other words, this isn’t a Tablet for videos in full sun.

Part Ebook / PDF starts 4 m 18: Nothing to report also on opening a PDF file, same large. We saw no significant slowdown. Small news concerning the opening of the PDF, it’s the Microsoft Edge browser that opens your files directly, it’s well done, fast and very convenient to use.

Surfing the Web part starts at 5 m 20: We used the Microsoft Edge browser for surfing the web. It is convenient and becomes a very serious competitors to Google Chrome or Mozilla FireFox. Reading web site is fluid, despite a connection 4G shared via my cell phone we saw no problems with speed or abnormal delays.

To summarize, two critical regarding the multimedia part regarding the Dell coming 8 Pro 5855, first the volume that is too small for our taste, and the very important on-screen reflections by looking at a video outdoors. Otherwise the rest works perfectly, especially for the opening of the PDF which timeliness amazed us.

Photos Tablet Dell coming 8 Pro

Our view regarding the Dell coming 8 Pro

This tablet Dell coming 8 Pro is really interesting. First its design and size appealed to us. It is convenient to use, easy to carry and a convincing range with almost 7 hours in use. Then, find the Windows 10 environment on a small tablet of the kind is certainly a little confusing at first, but extremely pleasant to use.

Another asset, the price of this Dell coming 8 Pro, she appears to € 329 in its ‘light’ version and nearly €510 in its most complete version. In short a Tablet not too expensive and which will make you good services.

Note a few points that angry as the volume quite low, the screen reflects very much the environment, and cameras front and back quality average. However the presence of a clocked processor to 2.24 Ghz coupled with 4 GB of Ram make this tablet a tool comfortable to use on a daily basis. We also recommend that you opt for a version with 4 GB of Ram, the version with 2 GB of Ram suffers a few latencies.