Dead Trigger Now Available for Android

You can reach Google Play the new title of the developed MADFINGER Games for Android. It’s the game Dead Trigger, a ‘ shooter ’ first person with lots of action and blood that currently offer us some of the best graphics for mobile devices.

Dead Trigger It presents a very apocalyptic history in which civilization is coming to an end, the global economy has failed, the money already is worthless. Citizens took to the streets against the corrupt politicians who only thought in the pockets. That ruling had a plan, escaped leaving billions of people dying or becoming zombies because of a strange virus.

To survive attacks plague infected will have a good arsenal of weapons, you can shoot them in the head, cut off the edges with a knife that they die slowly or making them fly through the air with explosives.

The game promises more than 40 hours of gameplay with graphics and effects of last generation, good music, and very intuitive touch controls. Dead Trigger Google Play arrives at the promotional price of 0.99 EUR. We remind you that on the occasion of this release MADFINGER Games has also lowered the price of ShadownGun and Samurai II: Vengeance to 0.99 euros.

Dead Trigger Version 1.01

  • Version of Android: Since 2.1
  • Developer: MADFINGER Games
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: €0,99
  • Category: Arcade & action