Comparison of Tablets

What see really clearly and choose with confidence the Tablet (or tablets!) that you can buy at the end of the year 2015.5.5-to 12-inch Windows, Android or iOS… Which tablet to buy? Here is our comparison!

You already know our buying guide to learn the 6 criteria for good choose your Tablet, our selection and favourites of the best tablets, here is to continue to help in the summary tables in comparison 45 tablets available in France for the year-end holidays.

Methodology: in front of the multiplication of the number of models of shelves, we have chosen to select 1 tablet per brand (7/8 inch and 9/10 inch). We have chosen one of the last models marketed and which are currently available. Error Please report it to us.

How to use this comparison?

There is not really good and bad methods to use this comparison, but you can use it by setting:

  1. The operating system you want to buy: iOS, Android or Windows.
  2. The screen size you want to buy.

To help you in these two steps, visit our buying guide “6 criteria for good choose his Tablet”. To make them more readable, we cut them by OS and screen size. And because he must choose a display order, we opted for the (neutral) order of the letters of the alphabet by brand.

Quickly following to compare before you buy:

  • The screen part major Tablet since it is the element with which you will be in contact, physically and visually.Have to choose a ratio size / resolution interesting. Good news now most tablets offer very good resolutions regardless of the size.
  • The weight is also an element to be compared according to your use. Indeed if you plan to use mobile prefer a light Tablet and turn you to the smaller screens (7/8 inches). Instead if you use it mainly at home, weight is not really important and the screen can be bigger.
  • Connectivity / storage to add functionality to your tablet. A usb port, a micro hdmi port to connect a key or a TV to your Tablet while a SD slot will expand the storage capacity of your slate.
  • Autonomy, often source of savings for manufacturers is not to neglect especially if you’re regularly away from a power outlet.Well compare announced autonomy.
  • Operating system: before you buy test the different OS available to iOS, Android and Windows. This can help to compare the interface and make the choice that suits you best.