Cell Phones for Seniors: Easy to Use and No Frills

Bluetooth, UMTS, HSDPA, GPS mobile younger fans juggle confidently with such abbreviations, some (mainly) older people understand only station. You want a cell phone with large keys, loud ring tones and legible texts in the display instead of great extras. Because Nokia, Samsung & co. do not offer such devices, smaller producers fill the market gap. COMPUTER image has tested current models with a special process. The focus was on handling and call quality. The results leave are therefore not comparable with those of other mobile tests.

The best cell phones for senior citizens

The best seniors phone is the phone easy 338 Doro. In the test, with good control and keyboard, long battery life, as well as a robust housing shone. A complete overview of the special phones, see the leaderboard.

The best senior cell phones

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Facilities and operation: large buttons, bright display and extra buttons for quick dialing.
Good call quality: the cell phones should keep contact with the network in areas with low coverage. You need the voice of the interlocutor is always clear and clearly reflect. no Internet, a few extras: cell phones do not need Internet, MP3 player or camera each extra makes the operation more complicated. A built-in flashlight that works even when phone switched off, is meaningful. robustness and endurance: occasional crashes or rain must withstand the phones. You should up to ten days remain ready and if you use hold out a good 30 hours until the battery is empty.

Other features of easy to use mobile phones, see the photo gallery:
where s is the cell phones? Internet shops: If you buy online for example, via the COMPUTER image comparison, can the price recommendations of mobile phone manufacturers save. service provider: in stores of the mobile operator just mobile phones are scarce. There is only the devices of Emporia at T-Mobile, E-Plus and the Phonehouse with contract to buy.

So, the phones can be used with a hearing aid
who wears a regular hearing aid, must keep close the cell phone speaker to the hearing aid microphone, which is usually behind the ear. While the mobile sits further back on the head. Episode: The microphone in the phone is too far from your mouth, your voice is loud enough the conversation partner. Tip: A hearing care professional makes the hearing aid accordingly.

Hearing aid with Telecoil can detect the magnetic field of the cell phone. So they can be inductively to pair with a corresponding mobile phone. The Amplicom power Tel M5000 enables this link.

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