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Developers Can Upload Beta and Alpha Versions Deprived of Their Applications in Google Play

Many developers offer Beta and Alpha versions of your applications so that users don’t have to wait for the stable version to test new features or new applications. With these versions users reported errors detected in these early versions so that they be corrected until they launch the final version for everyone during the development. Until today Google Play not… Read more →

Applications Developers Begin to Respond to Users in Google Play

In June started to listen to the possibility that the developers can respond to comments that leave users in Google Play. By then, it was only available for designated as TOP developers. Starting this week, all developers will begin to have that option enabled. Gradually you will be enabling this functionality from the console of development of Google Play it… Read more →

Google Magazine Brings The Kiosk of Magazines to United Kingdom

With the change of name from Android Market to Google Play, they hinted more changes: expand the business and take care of the sale and distribution of other types of content, that not only lives the average Android user apps. Little by little were appeared different services. Among them, Google Magazine. A role in digital format magazines kiosk. Content suitable… Read more →

Possible Google Play News: You Precompras Apps and Have to Use Google Plus to Say

In the umpteenth update of Google Play We did not find news on the recommendations of applications and not much apart from improvements in stability and downloads. However there is always some curious which has as a hobby, look at the code thoroughly to search for future developments that are testing and has not yet been implemented. This time the… Read more →

Google Removes The Store Play Blocking Applications from Advertising

Google gets strict and He begins to remove the applications that block advertising Google play. Applications such as AdBlock Plus, AdAway or AdFree are no longer available from the official Android app store. This movement expected that you arrived one day. Many developers already complained from some time ago that Google did not take action on the existence of these… Read more →