Cashless Paying with Your Mobile Phone

There is one curved around for hours on end, has finally found a free parking lot and then lacking the wherewithal for the greedy machine. Familiar to you? In some cities can easily avoid the problem: simply login to the mobile parking, call the appropriate number already the parking fee is paid automatically. Payment by mobile phone is handy, but still little used. What opportunities are there? What are the disadvantages and risks? And what does the future hold?

So the mobile payment work

Small amounts and services are also ordinary bills via mobile phone to settle. These different procedures are used. Some examples:
mobile software and stamps: via SMS about ring tones can be or pay for mobile games. Mobile games requires a color screen and the Java function. It provides currently almost every phone except the iPhone (for this there are specially adapted games). You can also letter postage via SMS order with any cell phone.
Parking tickets and tickets: in some cities, seeking change is eliminated when parking or bus driving. To pay the fees, mobile Internet, SMS or call. For ticket purchasing at Deutsche Bahn, which must can receive mobile picture messages (MMS) and have an Internet access program. This is however almost all mobile phones with color display the case.
Bicycle rental: call-a-bike wheels over a phone call can be rent the fees due are debited from the account.
consulting hotlines: many info phones, about consumer protection or legal issues, expect their services over high fees for fixed-line and mobile calls from (premium call).
Bills: If you come via mobile phone to the Internet, can pay its bills as on your PC via online bank transfer. Prerequisite: a phone with Internet access program, as the wide-screen and full keyboard.
supermarket with NFC funds: NFC is the next generation of pay (Near Field Communication, English: near field communication). Mobile phones with this technology are still rare. Similar to Bluetooth mobile phones, they have a special chip for data transmission on short-haul routes. In pilot projects pay test subjects in supermarkets or at the train station in this way; Call, SMS or MMS are no longer necessary.

Everything you pay with your mobile phone

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