Carl Zeiss Cinemizer Plus Video Glasses

We have all been waiting anxiously on a genuine technical innovation, such as a pair of glasses with which we can enjoy movies and tv, undisturbed by any surroundings, at least since “Back to the Future”. The future has finally arrived – Carl Zeiss Cinemizer Plus Video Glasses bring the old dream into reality.

Carlzeiss Video Glasses

Carl Zeiss Cinemizer Plus Video Glasses

With the personal monitor can we watch TV and movies anytime, anywhere. The imaginary tv has a screen size of less than two meters, which gives high image quality. The actual resolution of 640 x 480 pixels screen is eyeglass, which is optimal for a mobile video player, DVD player, multimedia phones and compatible with iPhone 3 g, iPod touch, iPod Classic, iPod Video and Nano of all generations.


The glasses ( also contains an adjustable headset and running time of over four hours, making it possible to watch tv with the latest technology. This unique iPhone accessories are a must for those users who frequently travel long distances.