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Brand Facts:

BLU is an American leading electronic brand specializing in designing and manufacturing a range of mobile phones and consumer electronics products.

BLU Mobile Phones

They are committed to create more innovative and distinctive mobile devices with affordable prices to meet the requirements of customers.


Main Categories:

4G LTE phones, windows phones, android phones, feature phones


Time and place: 2009, US

Early products: mobile phones



CEO: Samuel Ohev-Zion


Headquarter Location:

Doral, US


Worldwide Locations:

US, worldwide


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Price Range:

Tablet PCs: USD78-USD199.99


Official Website:


The first release was made available for download from very little on the official website of Jide. It is the first public alpha , so it’s mainly aimed at developers and early adopters interested in contributing to its improvement. We translate instructions for installing from the official download page:

  • Download the Remix package OS for x 86 (direct link HERE) and unpack it.
  • Insert a USB flash drive by at least 4 GB and PC.
  • Start the RemixOS USB tools(a fork of UNetbootin is included in the package) and follow the instructions to format the Flash drive.
  • Restart the PC and choose as the boot device the USB stick in legacy mode(no UEFI).
  • Did! Now just choose “Guest Mode” or “Resident Mode” to start using the system.

At CES in Las Vegas there is only space for the presentation of innovative hardware solutions, smartphones and wearable devices: the heart of mobile technology is still the software, and in this area the news there.

The team of Jide Technology, consisting of three developers previously engaged in Google, announced the upcoming launch of Remix OS 2.0, a “productivity-focused version of the Android operating system.

Developed in conjunction with Android-x 86 project, Remix OS will be released free next January 12, allowing all those who own a PC or a Mac with Intel or AMD processor to try the experience of having a Android Terminal Lollipop (soon to be upgraded to Marshmallow) with full access to the Play Store.

For the first time in the Android ecosystem, users can then work through the traditional window interface, making it easy and intuitive desktop operations as if you were using a smartphone or tablet.

Remix OS 2.0 can be downloaded on a USB stick and carried anywhere so comfortable and practical, making inter alia the world of computers and the internet to those who do not have great economic possibilities. For this reason one of the project partners is Techno, a leading mobile phone brands in Africa.

“Today’s release of Android-x 86 based OS, Remix, it’s something we worked on since we founded Jide Technology in 2014. Each of us is guided by the goal of making the world your computer experience more accessible, and this free issue and audience has enabled us to achieve it, “said David Ko, co-founder of Jide Technology.

Remix OS works not only with PCs and Macs, but offers the best of itself with Remix Mini, device that can be connected to any screen, keyboard and mouse affordably priced $ 70 ‘s on Amazon Us and Jide Store .
Remix OS will be available to free download Alpha version starting from 12 January while an update is expected in the days immediately following.

After a great success in the past two years, the popular program Bluestaks that allows you to run Android on PC thanks to system emulation, updates and improves arriving to version 2.0.With 100 million users who have used this tool, the software house has had the opportunity and time to fix, sharpen and correct on your system, very well integrated into the Windows environment.
Bluestacks 2 is considered the biggest update ever performed for App Player. Although it is risky to release so many features at once, the company couldn’t wait to make them available to all new products.

Ability to multitask

Now App Player works in a manner similar to a browser interface, so that users can play with multiple apps at the same time. Active Messaging service leaves a tab, as you try new games. Try an app while you download another … the possibilities are endless.

Easy and efficient

Now users can easily access functions like set the location, shake the screen, adjust the volume, and more. Try each of these functions with the new toolbar, on the left side of the App Player. To better appreciate the interface of the App Player, you just have to click the full screen button.

Optimized and ready to run apps

We always give much importance to users ‘ opinions and we are ready to release new improvements for popular games. Here you can find some of your favorite games to try with version 2:

Appreciated all over the world

Reaching 100 million users, with 1 billion apps every month on our platform, we knew that we were lucky to be part of the lives of so many people. We are introducing a new section to propose the best app choices by users all over the world. Our goal is to create an all-encompassing community, keeping you informed about the world of BlueStacks.

Coming soon

Special thanks to our users for supporting us during this trip! Proceeding towards the new year, we want to propose some new additions to the App Player and mark BlueStacks in General. Stay tuned by following us on Facebook or Instagram and subscribe to this blog.