Month: May 2017

Google Play Store 5.0, First Images of Its Next Redesign

If Google Play Store 4.9 tabs of content to award-winning interface Material Design, rediseñaban in their next update to the version 5.0, as you might expect, we expect the complete redesign official Android shop. The first screenshots of version have been leaked Google Play 5.0 Store making use of navigation menu styles of Material Design. This new version seems that… Read more →

Monument Valley, Success of Sales in Android?

At this point, it is likely that many of you have heard of Monument Valley. An adventure graphic that it is delightfully situated between artistic visual experience and game for mobiles, that exceeded 100,000 downloads yesterday, fulfilling two months on Google Play. We could speak of good figures for a Design Studio as a ustwo, who had already made some… Read more →

Google Play 4.8 Store, Now with Support for PayPal, Simplified Permissions and Improvements in The Interface

To last hour of the last late knew that Google Play already allows you to pay with PayPal but we have to have installed the version 4.8 the Store Play which has already started to get escalodada for everyone, which also comes with more news. Google Play 4.8 Store, In addition to the PayPal support also simplifies the permissions list… Read more →

The Program for Developers of Google Play Is Updated to Avoid Misleading Advertising

Google has once again updated the policies of the Play Google Developer program have they should comply to strictly applications published in the Google Play to not be removed. On this occasion, have added a new section with clauses to avoid that applications make use of misleading advertising and incidentally, they have used modified and expanded other conditions to make… Read more →

Beware of Password on Android, 30 Minutes of Access in Play Store Purchases

We wanted to check how it is possible to perform shopping in-app without entering the password with which Google promises us a layer of Security extra. This request for password When buying in-app prevents unwanted Play Store shopping. Example: Although the smaller den, wanting or not wanting to, to buy more accessories, lives and accessories within the game that are… Read more →

Estimations Fast from The Suggestions of Google Play Increases The Negative Votes

Last December Google Play He added in version 4.5 and its web version “rapid assessments” card to receive more tips on new content, but this new feature seems to you have had an unexpected negative effect. Under the question, “Would you like to see quick tips?” recommended rating content that we have downloaded for similar recommendations. Ask us for putting… Read more →