Month: December 2016

Test: Lumia 530

Can you put up with a frightful display, this is a great affordable mobile. Lumia 520 transformed Windows Phone to something like a success in developing countries. The specifications were modest but the price right for those who have not had to afford a Galaxy S4 or the Iphone. And it worked really well for this task. Here in Sweden, where most… Read more →

Test: Sony DSC-QX30

Sony’s second generation mobile lens does a lot right while mutilates himself. The idea behind Sony’s QX-series is really ingenious. Mobile phones have a loooong way to go before they start to generate images of the same quality as SLRs. To give mobile users the ability to take pictures with better quality, they have more or less worn out everything except the… Read more →

Test: LG G3s

In file miniversion of LG G3 (then called the G3s), we find some properties inherited from big brother, but far from all are found here. When I pack up and start using LG G3s, there is no doubt that it is a nice phone. The material is sober and does not feel at all apparent plasticky. As well as big brother G3… Read more →

Test: Huawei Ascend Mate 7

Huawei Ascend Mate 7 is an affordable sextumsmobil who offers a lot of innovative features especially when it comes to the fingerprint reader. With a six-inch large screen is Huawei Ascend Mate 7 a phone that is really generous, although the physical dimensions as width and height is concerned, well utilized with a screen that takes up over 80% of… Read more →

Test: Pebble Steel

Now that Pebble officially begun on sale in Sweden we looking at their more luxurious model, but also see a bit where the system taken out during the year and if it is still worth a look. Apple Watch lurking around the corner, Android Wear begins to sporadically appear on the market and Samsung’s own Tizen-system in Gear-the bells allows the watch market despite their… Read more →

Test: Doogee Turbo

Doogee a little more expensive model stays still within budget segment, but impresses more than the cheaper Pixels. Doogee, we have been in contact with before, then with the budget model Pixels. We liked the exterior of the handset, then Doogee actually tried to do something that was different from the variety of Asian budgetlurar which is becoming increasingly common here. At the… Read more →

Test: Samsung Galaxy Alpha

In an alternate reality where the pursuit of measurable improvements in performance rated for quality and design is this Samsung Galaxy S5. Together with Apple, Samsung, as is well known, the big giant in the mobile world, but unlike Apple’s Samsung far from equally loved even by his own supporters. Sometimes it can turn into pure Samsung-bashing. When Galaxy S3 launched accused… Read more →

Test: Apple Iphone 6

IPhone 6 does not have the same expectations on themselves to do something by a great display as its larger sister model, which gives a more balanced experience. Even if it’s Apple’s larger model of the Iphone, Iphone 6 Plus 6, which has received most of the attention — in both good and bad sense – after the two phones’… Read more →

Z3 Compact and Galaxy Alpha in Duel

Sony is no longer alone in making a smaller Android mobile with State specifications. Two compact top models is a hard battle against each other. Style, quality & price Samsung Galaxy Alpha: This is easy Samsung’s best looking mobile. The luxurious feel of the metal frame are compensated by the plastic back, which in turn is justified by the fact that the phone… Read more →

Test: Samsung Galaxy Tab’s 8.4.

The smaller model of the Tab’s are at least as impressive as its larger cousin. But with Samsung will there always some drawbacks with all the benefits. In practical terms, it is not much separates the two models of Tab’s access, in addition to the obvious size then of course. In the eight tummaren feels the strong not quite as palpable as… Read more →

Sony Xperia M2 Aqua

The entire phone feels like it’s supposed to be an Xperia Z2 for those who just want to pay half price. But waterproof for SEK 2 500 is nothing to sneer at. I can not really tearing me from the feeling that this phone is made for people who want it really look like they have a Sony Xperia Z2, but… Read more →