Month: November 2016

Test: Xtouch Xwatch03

The plastic futurism encounter unexpected good sound in Xtouchs smart clock. We push a little on the expression when we say smart watch in case of Xtouch Xwatch03. Paired with a phone can handle it by answering the calls and play music but not much more. On the other hand, it is quite a lot in terms of price. In practical… Read more →

MWC: LG Introduces World’s Smallest Wireless Charger

LG has today shown the world’s smallest wireless charger for smartphones at Mobile World Congress. Not only new phones and tablets will be presented at MWC. Also, new equipment will be in those days shown above on the mobil fair in Barcelona. LG has today unveiled the world’s smallest wireless charger, WCP-300, at just 6.9 cm in diameter. Despite the relatively… Read more →

Test: JBL Synchros Reflect

The threaded Reflect-headset from JBL are doing really well in the competition. Sportlurar, i.e. headphones as on one or more ways to be good while you work out, starting to get thirteen on a dozen. In addition to an at least somewhat tougher construction to withstand a little more rough treatment is necessary the protection against sweat in two different ways. First,… Read more →

Now 130,000 Apps for Windows Phone

The total number of applications for Windows Phone platform has now reached 130,000. Nokia’s boss, Stephen Elop used Monday’s news conference at MWC, to publish, to the number of applications for Windows Phone, now is over 130,000. The lack of applications has held many users from choosing the new platform, if they were to buy the new smartphone, therefore was… Read more →

Test: Jabra Storm

Headset model stormskyddat that actually works really well. Storm is a thinner and smoother variation of Jabra classic headset where some rests behind your ear and the microphone sits on an arm. Compared to similar products from Plantronics have Jabra Storm get adjustment options – you can tilt the loudspeaker to headset to work on any ear, but the angle of… Read more →

Sony Rates on Firefox Mobile in 2014

The first smartphone with the new Firefox-operating system has already been looking forward. Sony will be on the bandwagon in 2014. Firefox OS is a new alternative in the mobile market, and companies like LG and Huawei has already signed up as partners. Chinese ZTE has even used Mobile World Congress (MWC) to present a Firefox mobile. Sony also arises on Firefox-course,… Read more →

Test: Otterbox Symmetry for Iphone 6

OtterBox smoothest skins suffering from a little too much hard plastic for its own good. Symmetry is the series of skins that is in the Otterbox the very lightest category, although they of course have made themselves the most famous plastic bricks in the Defender series. Here it’s more about something like a traditional shell, but where the Otterbox included some… Read more →