BeTouch: New Acer Smartphones

Acer beTouch E100/E101

The Smartphones beTouch E100/E101 have about a 3.2 inch big touch screen. In addition, a so-called jog wheel is integrated that it should allow users to open Web sites quickly and easily, to scroll and zoom. An installed navigation software allows the orientation in unknown environment. With the beTouch E100, afloat, the data transfer via UMTS with HSDPA and HSUPA. The beTouch E101 much slower transports the data over EDGE. Both models are equipped with a two-megapixel camera, Bluetooth, and GPS receiver. The Acer beTouch E100/E101 is available in black or white. Battery covers in the colours of lemon-green, pink and Red are also included

Acer beTouch E200

The Acer beTouch E200 features a three inch touch screen, which you also operate the device. Gration simplify five quick start buttons the navigation on the Internet and on social networking sites. Via the slider button, the screen can be slide upwards and releases an additional keypad. UMTS with HSDPA and HSUPA support enables quick Internet access. On board is also a 3.2-megapixel camera for snapshots. The beTouch E200 from Acer is also in black or white available.

For all three devices is the operating system Windows Mobile 6.5 to use and opens up numerous application possibilities of the MediaPlayer using Office programs up to the instant messaging service. Practically: In two steps the home screen can be individually adapted, so fast to have access to the most commonly used applications. The Acer smartphones are expected to be available during the fourth quarter 2009 to prices of 249 euro (Acer E100), 199 euros (Acer E101) and $299 (Acer E200) in the trade. (gh)

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