Best of 2009: HTC HD2, Best Mobile with Windows Mobile

The jury has voted and the jury has decided. And the jury were you, the readers of Engadget Mobile, which have exalted your favorite products at the top of the podium in our poll to choose the best of 2009.

We remind that on this occasion, the process was to use the product pages to rate the different devices or applications that we had selected previously and that the final score, averaged with the existing, was that determined the classification. So let’s start with the candidates for best mobile with Windows Mobile.

If it was difficult to know who could push the final win in other categories, Windows Mobile had a very clear candidate to achieve that position, and was none other than the HTC HD2. It is currently the most powerful phone on the market with this operating system, accompanied in addition to an excellent design.

And said and done, the HTC HD2 is has soared and better mobile 2009 Windows Mobile, leaving behind its rivals, with a final score of 8.75. Behind him by a rival has been enough to the height, the Samsung Omnia II, which walk behind with 8.3 points.

Other terminals that presented themselves as firm candidates, such as the Xperia X 2 had not been as good catching, staying with a 7.05 average. Further back are still other models from HTC, which have probably been affected by having arrived during the first bars of the year.

Here, finally, the leaderboard with your scores and challenge you to upcoming results which we will publish our survey to choose the best products of 2009.

  • “HTC HD2”: Our site: note previous 9.1 end 8.4 average 8.75
  • “Samsung Omnia II”: Our site: 8.3 final note
  • “Sony Ericsson Xperia X 2”: Our site: note previous 7.5 final 6.6 average 7.05
  • “HTC Touch Diamond2”:Our site
  • “HTC Touch Pro 2”: Our site: 6.2 final note
  • “HTC Snap”: Our site: final 5.1 Note