Best of 2009: Candidates for Mobile with Windows Mobile

Again we end the year, and again, toca do look back at what you have left behind these twelve months with the traditional survey to discover the best products of 2009 according to readers.

As on other occasions, the editors have chosen a selection of the products that most readers have highlighted in each categories, which you can vote for you, and with your votes and the score that you too to each one of them will decide the winner.

How to choose the best products in each category

This year we will use product page and, therefore, the available therein voting system. We will propose you a series of candidates for each category and you only have to access the page of each one and rate it as you may believe that is good.

You have time until December 22, 2009 at 23:59 hours to vote each of the categories. That time will make an average between the note that each product has today, and which will be at the end of the voting. You get the highest average score in each category, wins.

Best of 2009: mobile with Windows Mobile

We started this survey with a category that is sure giving that talk, that of mobile phones equipped with Windows Mobile.

Here are the candidates. To vote only you must click into each product, which will lead you to the product page and there asignáis a note to you. To win the best.

  • “Sony Ericsson Xperia X 2”: Our site: part with a grade of 7.5
  • “HTC HD2”: Our site: part with a note of 9.1
  • “Samsung Omnia II”:Our site: not has note of departure
  • “HTC Snap”: Our site: not has note of departure
  • “HTC Touch Diamond2”:Our site: not has note of departure
  • “HTC Touch Pro 2”:Our site: not has note of departure

In the case of products not having starting note, will be only the final note. You can vote and give you the award of best mobile 2009 Windows Mobile.