Best of 2009: Candidates for Best Mobile Operating System Android

There are still many “Best of the year” for publishing, but in what regards terminals, the Android operating system was the only niche for exposing, I do a quick summary and I ask that you help in the fairest way possible in past polls:

  • Windows Mobile
  • Symbian S60
  • Proprietary system

I remember that the idea is Discover the best products of 2009 according to readers, to do this we will use the votes of the product pages of phones that we consider most interesting.

You have time until December 22, 2009 at 23:59 hours to vote each of the categories. That time will make an average between the note that each product has today, and which will be at the end of the voting. You get the highest average score in each category, wins.

Here are the candidates, to vote only you must click into each product, which will lead you to the product page and there you asignáis a note:

  • HTC Dream – part with the note: 6 – it does not have any user.
  • HTC Magic – part with the note: 8 – 6 users and 11 want to.
  • HTC Tattoo – part with the note: 5 – 6 users and 6 want it.
  • HTC Hero – Part with the note: 8.8 – 16 users have it and want to 13.
  • Motorola Dext – part with the note: 7 – a user has it and 5 want it.
  • Motorola Droid – part with the note: 9.2 – 27 users want it.
  • LG GW620 – Part with the note: no note – 2 users want it.
  • Geeks’Phone One – part with the note: 10 – 16 users want it.
  • Samsung Galaxy – part with the note: no note – a user wants it.
  • Samsung i5700 Galaxy Spica – part with the note: 8.5 – 5 users want it.
  • Acer Liquid – part with the note: 9 – 3 users want it.

In the case of products not having starting note, will be only the final note. You can vote and give you the award for best mobile operating system Android 2009.