Applications Developers Begin to Respond to Users in Google Play

In June started to listen to the possibility that the developers can respond to comments that leave users in Google Play. By then, it was only available for designated as TOP developers. Starting this week, all developers will begin to have that option enabled.

Gradually you will be enabling this functionality from the console of development of Google Play it seems that for the time being, at least in Spain, are not many the lucky ones that have this option active.

Although it may seem a feature purely positive for developers, is a great news to improve communication between users and developers. Many times we are not patient enough with an application or through ignorance leave negative comments about applications that we download. Sometimes that misunderstanding between the functionalities of the application or a usability failure can be easily solved by a developer comment..

The comments that users leave the page for downloading the application is read by many people before making the decision to download an application. Allow developers the possibility to answer negative comments, da a second chance to receive positive feedback or clarify any type of bug that has already been fixed in the current version.

Will we see to improve the quality of the comments on Google Play? I think that Yes, I’m optimistic with that, since if the developers are responsible for clarifying doubts or able to take criticism well we will see an improvement in the comments, and directly on the quality of applications.