Apple Sold For The First Time Used Iphones

In the American Group’s online store, you can buy “reconditioned and certified” smart phones at discounted prices.

So far, the iron rule was at Apple: used iPhones not there with us – as replacement devices, users sometimes received the so-called refurb-ware. Logically, you could in the online shop for “Apple certified [e] and [e] completely overhauled” products only Macs, iPads, iPods, sometimes Apple TV devices and accessories purchase. The changes in the United States now: customers noticed, there called the “Apple certified refurbished” second-hand store now smartphones on the net to buy.

IPhone 6s and 6 plus in the sale

Who now hoped to rise here, for example, a cheaper iPhone 7 or 7, plus however is disappointed: only the previous generation is currently on sale, so iPhone 6s and 6 s plus. Currently all colors and memory sizes are available 16 and 64 GByte. Apple itself sells new equipment plus the iPhone 6 and 6 seconds with 32 and 128 GB Flash.

Savings can be in the US used equipment quite something: the apparently SIM and Netlock-free iPhones are offered for each 15% below list price of new equipment. So will cost approximately a 6s plus with 64 GByte $589, what 110 dollar savings should be. “Certified Refurbished” means for Apple, that the devices were cleaned and inspected and are optically as good as new. The standard manufacturer’s warranty of one year is included in the price. It remains unclear if and when Apple will offer used iPhones in Europe.

iPhone 7 in diamond black better available

Meanwhile, there are also things iPhone 7 or 7 plus news: the delivery time of the coveted (and rare) model in the new diamond black has now shortened. Perhaps more importantly: can be purchased at the devices also in German Apple stores on online booking. A look on the availability display on the Wednesday morning about revealed that it could get a 256 GB model of the iPhone 7 plus in Hanover. (bsc)