Apple Lawsuit against HTC for That Stop Import Devices to United States

Apple continues with their particular crusade in the courts against Android. Either Samsung, Amazon or GetJar now it’s the turn of HTC, a company which has sued again by infringing patents and on this occasion it has asked the International Trade Commission to stop imports into the United States of “personal electronic devices”. I.e.: phones and tablets.

The complaint was made last July 8 but was on Sunday when it became public. Now wait and see what the judge decides on August 5 make a decision if you reason to the Cupertino company would be blocked the import of terminals manufactured by HTC.

On the other hand HTC also claimed in his day to Apple for a violation of patents whose result will know on September 16 when the judge of a resolution. The war of patents between companies is not something new as you know and possibly this is not the last chapter between Apple and any company related to the Android world.