Apple Has Been Granted a Patent on 36 New Technologies

Apple has gotten patenet on a number of technologies that can provide an idea of what we can expect in upcoming products.

Apple has recently received not less than 36 patents on new technologies that can provide a picture of Apple’s future plans, reports our site.

Among the patents is technologies to get monitors to change the surface, distance and technology to judge.

One of the patents is to send small electrical stimulants through the screen, which should give the user the feeling of physical contact.

The technology can be used to, among other things, to make a kind of physical keyboard, on an otherwise perfectly smooth the smartphone screen.

Apple will also use a shock sensor that can be used to register whether a product has been accidentally lost, or thrown with great force against the ground.

Among the many patents are also technologies for image crop, motion-controlled video processing, new memory management and much more.