Android in 2013: Improve Google Play and Put More Order

2012, year in which Android Market passed to be called Google Play, It has been very good to the official Android store. Came many applications and games from other systems to Android, Flipboard, Instagram, or Snapseed, is exceeded 700,000 applications and finally put the sale of music, books and films in Spain and more countries around the world.

In 2013, Google has to continue to improve Google Play to improve the shopping experience, content search, encourage purchase, encourage more developers and be more stringent to make your store stand out in the quality of their applications and not only quantity.

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One of the things that I miss when I access Google Play to discover new applications is that on your tab does not show that language is that application or game, because you have to look in your description to see if you put something, so I think that would be nice add paragraph languages to know quickly whether or not it is an application in Spanish.

Another point which I would also like that they add is the list of purchases through the application, as longer Apple’s App Store, to see if that application is going to ask that we pay to unlock functions and knowledge of step concepts and their accessories.

More categories and more order

Google Play needs more categories and organize them better. For example, in the section games meaningless categories Widgets and animated background, and personally I think that there are more categories, as categories for role-playing games, games of adventures, music or strategy, and step eliminate the casual category, since it is very ambiguous, because a casual game can be puzzle, skill , music, etc….

More control over applications

Google already toughened the conditions for publishing applications in Google Play and ended up with virtually all of the malware with their new security measures but I think it would still take more control and not to allow developers to sell the same game in several versions, for example, an optimized version for Tegra devices, and another for other devices , since in many cases a user does not know which buy all versions, and if for example you buy the version for Tegra then surely you can not install this game on other devices and have to buy the regular version. Google tried to avoid this to support the many APK so you download the version optimized for each device, but some developers prefer to sell separately.

Cards gift in the world and being able to bring content

Another thing I hope for this year is that gift cards arrive in Spain so that people who do not have credit card can buy content on Google Play and thus increase sales. I also hope that Google added the option of being able to bring content to our friends as they already do other competitor’s stores.

Magazines and TV in Spain series

Finally, I’d like that reached Spain and more countries the sale of magazines and series, and that Google Spain did the same promotions in the United States, which lowered the price of subscriptions or give chapters, since with good promotions get loyalty and attract new buyers.