Android-IA: Intel Already Has Its Version of Android 4.2.2 Compatible with X 86

Intel has published its own version of Google’s mobile operating system, and its work in the project Android-IA that optimizes the AOSP (Android Open Source Project) code for Intel hardware has borne fruit with an edition of Android 4.2.2 that not only supports their microphones, but that adds very interesting features.

The most important is support for dual boot that allows its version of Android run in conjunction with Windows 8, an option that is also available in Android-IA-interactive installer.
To those developments from the code of Android-4.2. 2_r1-ia0 (the current version of the project) adding others, with the UEFI boot support and the use of Gummiboot instead of syslinux as bootloader.

Android-IA is based on the kernel Linux 3.8, and Intel developers have integrated the support of the Mesa 3D graphics libraries, which is especially important to provide a good experience with the Intel Open Source drivers.

One of the developers of this project has highlighted the importance of support for the dual-boot and other features as the automatic loading of kernel modules (a kind of modprobe for Android), or Ethernet support.