Android Does Not Touch Ceiling in Spain: Already Sells The 93.5% of Smartphones

Not even two weeks ago that left February data for the share of Android smartphones, and again we have to Kantar guys with new still more appalling figures. And is that 92.1% is updated to the 93.5%, leaving the rest of platforms the sale of one of every 15 terminals.

Of course these figures are not equal for all countries, but still remains the growth of Android in Europe year on year on a 10.7%, While Windows Phone grows another 2.5% and these repeated the move view tablets: grow at the expense of the rest of platforms.

Even with those, in Spain, Android manages to reduce to ashes the rest of market shares, where up to Windows loses some of this almost purely testimonial presence.

We see the fall of – RIM – Blackberry is homogeneous, and the only market in which iOS manages to keep the pulse of Google in terms of variations is French, with Japan also only where iOS is made with almost half of the market over Android.

If this was little, Kantar forecasts suggest that Android has to grow, Maybe it’s a good time to renew Android smartphone, with the giants of the big brands as recent presentations.