Android Developer Andy Rubin Plans High-End Smartphone

Andy Rubin, father of the Android operating system, according to insider reports, is working on a noble Smartphone with a rahmenlosem touch screen.

Android creator Andy Rubin joins the hardware from software development and wants to bring an own Smartphone on the market. According to a report from Bloomberg, its 2015 based company prepared “essential products” devices for the mobile and smart home market before. The core of the product range of a high-end Smartphone with a frameless touch screen to be essential, that high and the facilities here at the level of iPhone 7 and the pixel models of Google are to.

The display is greater than plus, the casing dimensions are the 5.5-inch display of the iPhone 7 because of the missing frame but less according to insider sources. The touch screen pressure differences can realize housing material, metal and ceramics are considered. A proprietary connection with magnetic mount is used to charge the battery, as well as to expand the Smartphone. Extensions to come from other manufacturers, even essential work on a round camera for high-resolution 360-degree images.

Rubin plans to bring expected mid of this year to one of the iPhone 7 comparable price (€760) on the market; the Smartphone the plans are still in the river. As a manufacturer, Foxconn in conversation, which is building the iPhone is. On the edge of at this year’s CES in Las Vegas there was negotiations with U.S. carriers, including Sprint, but neither representatives wanted to comment on Rubin’s from Sprint.

New horizons

Andy Rubin Android had in 2005 for $ 50 million sold and worked as Android developer at the search engine giant Google. He left Google in October 2014 and launched the “Global Playground” incubator, which dealt mainly with artificial intelligence, robotics and augmented reality.

His new company “Essential products, Inc.” registered Rubin in the November 2015 in California and end of 2016 at the US Patent Office for the focus on Smartphones, tablets, accessories and software for mobile phones. Essential consists of a 40-member team of former Apple and Google employees. (rop)


Android developer Andy Rubin might take on Apple and …

Android developer Andy Rubin might take on Apple and ...