Amazing Alex Come to Android on July 12. First Images

Rovio just announced that on July 12 will come to iTunes and Google Play their anticipated new game Amazing Alex, a game in which you have to build Rube Goldberg machines with toys to solve different puzzles.

Amazing Alex is the adaptation of the play Casey ’ s Contraptions that came out last year for iPhone but that when Rovio bought the rights a few months ago withdrew it from the AppStore to launch them with their own version of the game, which is really a copy of the classic 90s PC game The Incredible Machine.

In its launch trailer at last see the first pictures of Amazing Alex, that which we can see that the development team, involving the two creators Spanish developers of Casey ’ s Contraptions, they have limited themselves to add new puzzles and slightly change the graphics to make it look like a new game.

At the launch of Amazing Alex We will have 100 levels and that as with his Angry Birds franchise will expand in future updates. We can also create our own puzzles and share them with our friends. At the moment the price of the game is unknown or if there will be a free version.