Age-Friendly Phones Pokes Its Head in the Cloud

Doro is also present at the MWC and presents two new age-friendly phones with cloudtjeneste.

A user survey from Doro has shown that half of people older than 65 years, considering buying a smartphone, while the other half puts emphasis on reliability, ease of use and style.

The last half has Doro made two new products, which they have presented in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress.

The phones will now be coupled with a cloud service (cloudtjeneste) so that the user or caregiver, can add contacts to your phone via the cloud. There is also the possibility to store images in the cloud.

The first presentation from Doro is Doro PhoneEasy 622, which has more features than any other Doro phone.

The weather forecast will be shown in the display and then it is possible to record video and share it with others. So far nothing new in connection with smartphones, but a novelty in relation to age-friendly phones.

There are also design benefits, such as enhanced sound, adjustable font size, large and clear screen and intuitive menus, recounting Doro in a press release.

The phone is for those who are not yet ready for a smartphone, but still want the can more than a traditional mobile phone“says Rudi Iversen, country manager at Doro Denmark.

The other news, presented by Doro is Doro Secure 681, which is designed to give the user greater backing of safety and security.

It happens among other things with built-in telecare radio receiver that can communicate with the appropriate-, water-and røgsensor, who, in an emergency gives message to caregivers, who can easily locate the phone via GPS.

Doro PhoneEasy 622 will be available in the shops from autumn, while Doro Secure 681 will be ready as early as the spring.