Acer Aspire 5738 DG: Notebook Brings 3D on the Screen

The notebook is supplied with a special coated display and a 3D glasses. The transformation of images of DVDs, photos and games get a software called TriDef. As it is s? Operation secret.

3D images are generated in principle by the inclusion of two spatially slightly offset images. At Acer’s 3D-Notebook, which simulates the so called TriDef software. The screen with polarization film filters the light waves. He at the same time lets through the mixing light waves for the left eye, for the right eye the clockwise. The polarized glasses decrypted the waves the brain of the spectator a spatial image perceives the half as high resolution as a 2D image has.

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3D-Notebook Acer Aspire 5738 DG

4 product pictures of the 3D-Laptop in the detail of COMPUTER image took the Acer Aspire 5738 DG under the microscope and examined how the 3D technology affects traditional photos, videos, and games :

Photos: portraits were rather flatter than in the normal view (2D). But landscape images conveyed an impression of depth. At feathered background the trick didn’t work often. Movies: The playback software TriDef Media Player plays DVDs, DivX movies, and even mobile videos. The 3D quality depended of the source material: dark pictures such as in LOTR were flat. Outer space scenes and explosions in the new Star Trek movie fast, however, as in the 3D cinema. The räumlichsten had a Animationsfilme.Spiele: games that have been programmed in accordance with the old red-green 3D principle, work only with conventional 3D glasses. 3D games which are not programmed for the special NVIDIA system (with a different type of glasses). Normal 2D games can be displayed in 3D, if TriDef has saved a profile for it. So far there are 54 profiles, per update, new to be added. Internet: A 3D-Profil is also available for the Atlas program Google Earth. YouTube movies made is not stream, but in 3D look, when she transferred to the hard drive were.
The conversion need much computing power: measurements showed that games via TriDef run with about half frame rate. Were the testers but the graphics settings to low, even a graphically complex game like Crysis ran liquid. A quantum leap was startling for some game fans on the editorial staff of the 3D effect. Battery life was shorter in the 3D-Einsatz: two and a half hours video runtime managed the aspire in the normal mode, in 3D only 100 minutes for many feature films to little.

Conclusion: Acer Aspire 5738 DG

The conversion software works amazingly well. But why should s be 3D fun only your notebook? Hello, Panasonic, Sony and co.: That’s about but also what kind of TVs! However: Not everyone feels 3D-Gucken as a treat. Therefore recommends COMPUTER image: sample shows before purchasing!

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