Month: May 2017

Google Announces Applications and Winning Games from The Players’ Choice Awards 2013

A week after meeting that they could vote for the best apps and games of this first awards 2013 Players’ Choice Awards We already have the list of the winners for each of their respective categories thanks to the more than one million receipts for the users votes. Few surprises have been, more than anything else because in the votes… Read more →

Google Play 4.5 Store, Now with The History of Activity, Procurement Indicator in Applications and More

The application Google Play Store is updated to the version 4.5.10 with quite a few new features. The most important is that we can now see the recent activity shared in Google Play. If we click our profile from your side menu we will access this new section, in which we will see our activity in Google Play. There you… Read more →

Google Play Still Is You Slip Applications False Easily

As many already know published applications in Google Play they do not have to be approved by Google, anytime a developer can upload an application, although in theory that application should comply with the policies of developer program Google Play, in which detailed what are forbidden to make developers and their applications, but still some people leap it is to… Read more →

Google Play Store, All They Have Forbidden to Make Android Applications

Developers to publish their applications for Android in the official store must comply with the Google Play developer program policies, conditions that were hardened over one year ago to put more order and avoid abuses and scams. Under these conditions outlined the actions that have prohibited the applications. For example, since the end of August 2012 Android applications not can… Read more →

Google Play Store Deleted Applications with Advertising Intruisiva or to Try to Make It Pass by Each Other

Google is taken more and more seriously the issue of the quality of the applications in terms of not worsening the user experience using Google Play. Much is advertising that the user receives many times the only livelihood that will receive a developer to remove advantage to the effort that has invested in your application. But sometimes reaching a level… Read more →

Developers Can Upload Beta and Alpha Versions Deprived of Their Applications in Google Play

Many developers offer Beta and Alpha versions of your applications so that users don’t have to wait for the stable version to test new features or new applications. With these versions users reported errors detected in these early versions so that they be corrected until they launch the final version for everyone during the development. Until today Google Play not… Read more →

Applications Developers Begin to Respond to Users in Google Play

In June started to listen to the possibility that the developers can respond to comments that leave users in Google Play. By then, it was only available for designated as TOP developers. Starting this week, all developers will begin to have that option enabled. Gradually you will be enabling this functionality from the console of development of Google Play it… Read more →