Month: February 2017

Iphone: Apple Makes More Profit Than All Smartphone Industry

Apple has a deleted according to an investment bank for the first time over 100% of the profits of the entire Smartphone sector, since other manufacturers lose money. Nearly 104 percent of the profit of the Smartphone industry accounts for Apple. This from an estimate of the Investment Bank BMO Capital markets to the Smartphone market in the third quarter… Read more →

Digiscoping: Photograph Taken With Your Smartphone To The Scope

Of ambitious photographers, the Smartphone is often ridiculed, but there are areas where the simple cell phone snap of even expensive DSLRs are superior. Digiscoping, so the photography with a spotting scope, the compact design of smartphones is a great advantage. For nature observers, a good spotting scope is part of the basic equipment for every excursion. It is obvious… Read more →

Google Daydream-Vr Works Also With Nexus 6 p – And Cardboard Holder Instead of An Official Headset

Although Google claims daydream runs only on pixel-phones: c’t has installed the virtual-reality system on a nexus 6 p, the official headset was not even necessary. Even the controller can emulate himself with a second Smartphone. Google’s new virtual reality platform daydream runs contrary to the statement of the manufacturer’s available on other smartphones as pixels and pixels XL. In… Read more →

Huawei Mate 9 In The Test: Nougat Phablet With Dual Camera

The Phablet 5.9 inch widescreen to expire the rank of competition with again faster processor and improved Leica dual camera. Mr Stefan Moellenhoff has the 5.9-inch device by techstage for almost two weeks in continuous use. Report to be here. Huawei had introduced a new high-end Smartphone with Android and 5.9-inch screen with the mate 9. The manufacturer on processor… Read more →

Kodak Extra: Half Smartphone, Semi Compact Camera

Together, Kodak and the Bullitt group have unveiled a Smartphone for photo enthusiasts. The colleagues of TechStage could try out the Kodak extra already. By Bullitt group Android Smartphone Kodak extra marketed under Kodak license a Media Tek MT6797 (Helio X 20) are contained in the ten core (2 × cortex A72 2.3 GHz, 4 × cortex A53 2 GHz 4 × cortex A53 1.4 GHz) and 3 GB RAM. 32 GByte Flash are installed; the memory can be expanded via microSD. The 5-inch display shows full-HD Read more →

Apple Sold For The First Time Used Iphones

In the American Group’s online store, you can buy “reconditioned and certified” smart phones at discounted prices. So far, the iron rule was at Apple: used iPhones not there with us – as replacement devices, users sometimes received the so-called refurb-ware. Logically, you could in the online shop for “Apple certified [e] and [e] completely overhauled” products only Macs, iPads,… Read more →

That Was The Photo Year 2016

The decisive news 2016 came right at the beginning. Including suffered the Photokina. No new fundamental developments were shown in contrast to previous fairs in Cologne, but so many promising development. 2016, price increases was further marked by delays and finally. Many camera manufacturers were popping the champagne corks immediately at the beginning of the year 2016 and presented a… Read more →

Distractions At The Wheel: Us Transport Authority Calls On Smartphone Maker

The US traffic authority NHTSA has made proposals for new directives which should animate manufacturer of smartphones and other devices to do this, to develop inter alia a special drive to reduce the distractions at the wheel mode. The US Department of transportation would like to tackle more distractions by Smartphones and other technical devices while driving. The National Highway… Read more →