Month: December 2016

Test: Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

News of Sony’s compact Z3 model is significantly more is of big brother the Z3, which still is as impressive as with Sony’s previous compact model. On the other hand is Sony’s Z3 Compact a really cocky new additions in the mobile world compared to its predecessor. On the other hand, suffers the same-, certainly pleasant, problems that the larger Z3… Read more →

Test: Sony Xperia Z3

Xperia Z3 is actually the world’s dullest phone, but considering which phone the follow up, it does not need to do so much really. There were many for the launch of the Xperia Z3. In the usual order had both images specs leaked out prematurely and all spoke of a model that would be extremely similar to its predecessor the Xperia… Read more →

Test: Blackberry Z3

We now know that the BlackBerry works fine in budgetlurar, although it is reputed to be the first and last time. BlackBerry has not exactly made themselves known for budget phones over the years. Perhaps mostly because many of the headphones were meant to be sold through company, where individual costs don’t really matter. Last year’s Z10 with the new version of… Read more →

Test: Samsung Galaxy K Zoom

It’s a lot like Samsung’s all other mobile phone models and at the same time fundamentally private. When you look at Galaxy K Zoom front with screen in the Center looks like any one of all Samsung mobiles. The familiar home screen with your city, clock and weather forecast, apps for e-mail, Web browser and sms as well as around the… Read more →

Test: LG G Watch

We have tested the first clock with Android Wear. LG has already shown itself up what might be called a sequel to this watch, but in any case, LG G Watch, the first watch out with Google’s operating system Android Wear. LG G Watch is like other upcoming Android Wear watches above all a way to remotely control your phone,… Read more →

The Future Is Free Speech and Large Amounts of Data

In the future, customers should get used to free voice, SMS, MMS and large amounts of data in more transparent packages. Within the last week have telecommunications companies our site posted subscriptions on the street where the focus to a greater extent than previously targeted on all-in-one packages. Our site has introduced free voice and SMS/MMS in all packages. Customers should… Read more →

Comparison Test: Camera Phones

Mobiles cameras have taken another step in its development. We test the capable mission best. Did you think that developments in camera phones had reached its peak, you thought wrong. Certainly, we have seen developments in a frantic pace in recent years, but nevertheless it will constantly new technology mobile phone’s camera. Only in the last set of top of the range… Read more →

Our Site Is Ready with Free Speech and Greater Data Packages

Price war: Our site has upgraded your subscriptions as high-consuming customers get free speech and greater data packets. The Director will reject it is a reaction to the 3s aggressive subscriptions. Just three days ago launched phone company 3 one of the most aggressive efforts in recent times in the mobile industry, by giving free airtime and free SMS/MMS in the… Read more →

Test: Dogee Pixels DG350

Despite the name’s Pixels no kameralur. But it makes a good effort to be slightly protruding. Doogee is the latest in a series of Asian companies of smaller size which would turn into the Swedish market for more or less grand variant. Semi Swedish Dahl and Xtouch are other companies that come up with a series of fairly cheap trick (or… Read more →