Month: October 2016

Comparisons of Pixel C, Pro and Pro 3 Surface iPad Tablets

Google, Apple and Microsoft are the three giants of the mobility market. In this comparison, we will address their three tablets high-end, for individuals and professionals. Of many hybrid tablets are flooding the market. This comparison will present you the jewels of the three dominant brands in this market with productivity-oriented machines. Note that this is the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 that is… Read more →

Comparison of Tablets

What see really clearly and choose with confidence the Tablet (or tablets!) that you can buy at the end of the year 2015.5.5-to 12-inch Windows, Android or iOS… Which tablet to buy? Here is our comparison! You already know our buying guide to learn the 6 criteria for good choose your Tablet, our selection and favourites of the best tablets, here is to continue… Read more →

Notebook or Ultrabook, How to Choose?

Appeared in 2012, the ultrabook is a name concocted by Intel in response to the growing success of the MacBook Air from Apple. A compact, lightweight, reasonably powerful and often with a nice screen, he had to give a second wind to the sales of personal computers. Advantages and disadvantages compared to the conventional laptop. Read more →

Samsung Patent: a Smartphone That Turns Into a Tablet?

Samsung recently filed a new patent of foldable screen, bit of info but we imagine the best for this product concept! Highly foldable screens! According to our information, Samsung would be about to (finally!) market the first mobile phone equipped with a folding screen in the first quarter of 2017 (at the show MWC 2017?), code name of the project: Project Valley. Read more →

Tablet Dell 10 Pro (5056)

Dell coming 10 Pro 5056: a Windows 10 tablet with a 10-inch diagonal that takes the road! After have the test of the new touch pad Dell coming 8 Pro 5855proposed you early in the week, today we test the Dell coming 10 Pro 5056, the version with a 10-inch screen. This tablet is just somehow replace the Dell coming 11 we… Read more →

ASUS ZenPad in Italy

Asus Italy presents in Milan the ZenPad tablet line. Are the models that we previewed at Computex 2015 and recently in Berlin, IFA 2015 in uk shopping lists for several days and now ready for distribution. In Italy we will have 4 main models, with 7 screens, 8 and 10 inches, and several matching accessories. In detail: ZenPad 7.0 C(Z170G)-1280 x 800 px, Atom x 3, 1 GB… Read more →

Amazon Fire HD 8 and HD 10 Fire from GFXBench

Two other Amazon Fire HD tablets in the database of GFXBench. Are the models from 8 and 10 inches, and follow the 7 inch “50 dollars” seen last week. We don’t have any certainty, but the evidence suggests that they are just new devices scheduled for later this month. Amazon KFTBWI Is a 10 inch. If we take for valid data, 1280 x 800 pixel resolution, CPU MediaTek… Read more →

Fire HD 8 and HD 10 30 September to Fire Official: from 199 Euro and 159

Not only Fire 4 k TV. Amazon updates the line of Fire HD tablets with three models: Fire HD 8HD 10 Fire , and Fire, with the latter representing the tablets “from 50 dollars” issue has been discussed several times in recent weeks. The three tablets introduce the system Fire OS 5, Android-based 5.1 Lollipop and now renewed even in the user interface. As anticipated, Fire HD 8… Read more →

KnockOn: an Alternative to Release with Double Tap to the Amoled Android

Thanks to the Knock Code, evolution of the double tap to activate the display developed by LG, the Korean manufacturer’s smartphone are very comfortable to use even with one hand. On more than one occasion the Android community tried to reproduce this system as a universal application, and there are various solutions and also modules Xposed. KnockOn-Tap to wake is a good… Read more →