Tablets Buying Guide

Since the launch of the iPad, tablets have become a very popular gadget. A device midway between the smartphone and laptop computers. In principle they were conceived to consume content, but over time they have proved to be very useful tools for work, beyond surfing the Internet and watching movies. Today there are many different devices so it is important… Read more →

LG G5 And G4 LG Camera Compared

The LG G5 comes with his camera in big shoes. Its direct predecessor, the LG G4, decreed 2015 on a very good, if not even the best Smartphone camera. Especially in image quality, it becomes difficult to beat the good looks this year. However, the dual camera makes a top job. Smartphones are the trend with two cameras, but the… Read more →

Qi Wireless Charging Technologies Review

The cord is tied not to be found or the available cable connector does not fit: users of smartphones suffer round-about battery charging. More pleasing sound prospects for wireless to charge batteries. In the autumn 2015 Google introduces 5 X the Smartphone nexus, which produced the South Korean manufacturer of LG Electronics, who previously had announced the implementation of the… Read more →

JBL Pulse 2 Portable Speaker with Customizable Light Show

As new lighting systems affect moods   Warm light on Mozart’s piano concertos, Flash glitter for electro-funk: you can continue to enhance moods, with the new technology – whether sedative or stimulating.   Veteran rock bands like Pink Floyd, Genesis and Emerson, Lake and Palmer were notorious in the 1970s for their pompous live shows where they put several truck loads… Read more →

Acer New Full HD Projector H7550ST

Also Acer 2015 uses the current computer fair CeBIT in Hanover, Germany, to show new products in Hall 15. This includes also the Acer H7550ST. As the first device of its kind, the full HD projector has a hidden port for wireless dongle, Chrome cast. So, movies or presentations via a Chrome cast stick or other wireless transmission media directly… Read more →

ZTE Spro 2 Smart Projectors Review

In the run-up to the IFA 2015 in Berlin ZTE has smart is shown for the first time its award-winning projector Spro 2 in Germany. This received in the frame of the Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona the prize for the “best mobile enabled consumer electronics device”. The ZTE Spro 2 will be available in the 01.09.2015 in the… Read more →